Acer Mini Gaming PC Under $300: Acer Revo One RL85-UR42

Many computer vendors are concerned with the forecasts of analysts, that the desktop PC would soon become extinct. Thus, they continue to strive to deliver products PC with compact and simple shapes. One computer manufacturers are quite aggressively releasing a mini-sized PC is Acer mini pc. This time, the Taiwanese company introduced the mini PC called Acer Revo One. Unlike most mini PCs, this device brings a minimalist design that is stylish and has many functions. The interface does not look stiff, so if placed haphazardly will not ruin the aesthetics of the room around.

Acer Mini Gaming PC Under $300 As one of the leading technology manufacturers, Acer created a mini PC that is suitable for the spacers who want to a desktop computer that is minimalist and elegant, the Acer Revo RL85 One. A tiny cheap gaming pc under 300 that is not only superior in terms of looks stylish and elegant but also be able to become a mainstay in the entertainment at the same time meet the needs of work and family spacers.

Simple, Elegant and Futuristic Design When firstly seen, the spacers will not be surprised if in this pretty little box, there is a computer system that can carry a lot of digital content. With a length and a width of only 106.5mm and 155mm high, we can put the Acer Revo RL85 One in a very diverse. The design of the device itself is very clean with white and corners made curved. Material body is made of glossy plastic adds an elegant impression of this device. Thanks to this unique design, it's no wonder Revo received three awards at once in the event Computex 2015. Besides that, Revo also get other international awards, namely Reddot Design Award and iF Design Award 2015 which is increasingly proving Revo design excellence.

Mini PC with Various Functions Acer Revo RL85 One very suitable for Spacers, who want the device to meet the entertainment needs, helps boost productivity in daily work and storage media photos, videos or important documents that can be accessed from anywhere. Revo One standard storage capacity is 500 GB. However spacers do not have to worry about running out of space to store photos, videos or documents are large in number very much because spacers can install one HDD additional capacities up to 2TB that can work simultaneously with HDD 500 GB pre-installed on Acer Revo One RL85.

Acer Revo One RL85-UR42 The mounted HDD can be upgraded up to 2TB of storage capacity that can reach 4 TB. Therefore, all of family members can save the digital file on the Revo. With support for RAID 0, 1, on the storage of the device, the spacer is also no need to lose data if one HDD having problems. Field capacity of 2TB in Revo One roughly the equivalent of 400 DVD movies, or 200,000 music tracks in the MP3 format. You can store all your favorite music and video collection in Revo One to make family entertainment center.

Play a Variety of Different Files Once With DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology, all of the family members can enjoy all the files that are on the Acer Revo RL85 One simultaneously. So we just connect these devices to the same router, and all the files in it can be played on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV or multimedia device spacers that have wired or wireless signal receiver. With the ability capable of displaying images and video with a resolution of 4K, certainly there will be no significant problems for Revo One to play a lot of files in one time as well.

Mini Body, Maxi Features The part of interface on Acer Revo RL85 is already enough to support a favorite peripherals spacers to do the job. With two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports, spacers can attach a mouse, keyboard, and flash at the same time and still leaves one port to any other accessories paired spacers needed. There was also a first port to a LAN (Ethernet port) for a data connection using a cable.

To connect to the screen, spacers can choose between using a HDMI cable or Mini DisplayPort cable or use both at once for dual display feature. There's also a 3.5mm jack port that could spacers used to enjoy music through headphones. If you want to insert spacers of photos / video from digital cameras or other data from the phone, available SDCard reader at the top of the Acer Revo RL85 One. All features provided make Revo One is compatible with a variety of the latest devices.

Great Performance Acer Mini Gaming PC Under $300: Acer Revo One RL85-UR42 Views are simple, elegant and futuristic, of course useless if not followed by a powerful performance. The manufacturer tries Acer Revo RL85 One as a tool for work and entertainment media for some time. How about the result? Acer Revo RL85 One with the power-saving Intel Celeron processor and 2GB of RAM DDR3 1600MHz speed and runs on 64-bit Windows 8.1 turns capable to play movies with full HD resolution (1920 × 1080) without any constraints at all. Daily work such as typing or data processing course can be passed without problems.

400 dollar gaming pc Spacers also can easily move this device because of its small size and light weight, if you want to bring a very large data. Download and use applications Revo Suite as a regulator of the media, or can be used like a keyboard and mouse. If you're watching with family of course this feature will be very helpful. Revo application suite is available for free on Google Play and can be used in a variety of Android smartphones.

With a full-featured and stable performance, the need for spacers to be a device that can be used for various things can be met. Revo One’s stylish design and minimalist modern is suitable for families who have limited space in their homes. Besides used to complete daily work, the Acer Revo RL85 One can also be used for entertainment and storage media that can be accessed by all members of the family at the same time, anytime and anywhere.

Windows 8.1 Platform This Acer mini PC has more functions than just the PC. The portable device is intended for families who want a device that can meet all their needs. Among them are for entertainment, work and store all the files, both files work and multimedia files. Revo One could even become a player the entire multimedia files from photos, music, video, streaming up into a gaming console. Revo One to use, simply connect the device to any display via an HDMI cable and the device can be used as a computer with the Windows 8.1 operating system. Operate this mini pc is very easy, as easy as operating the audio player and other video. Even smartphones can also be used to operate through an application.