2 in 1 Laptop: Microsoft Surface Book Review

If you want to buy best 2 in 1 laptops 2017, Microsoft Surface Book can be one of the best options for you. There are many people who buy this hybrid laptop because of various reasons. Anyway, the buyers are satisfied with it. So, it is very interesting to know its specs more detailed, including the design, processor, resolution, features, etc. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the discussion in this article below.

What Is Included? When you buy this hybrid laptop, what you will get in the box? Besides Surface Book itself, the box also contains batteries that come with 2 cell lithium polymer batteries for tablet and 4 cell lithium polymer batteries for the base. Then, it also includes power supply. In addition, you will also get Surface pen that will make you comfortable to touch it when you transform it becomes a tablet. It is also very easy to use and operate because it comes with owner’s manual guide, too.

Microsoft Surface Book Screen and Resolutions enter image description here Talking about the screen, this hybrid laptop comes with 13.5 inch laptop. This screen size is very ideal for any purpose. So, it does not matter whether you use it for either a laptop or a tablet. Even though its screen size is not too large, the resolution is very high. This 2 in 1 convertible laptop is able to produce high quality images that can be up to 3,000 x 2,000 pixels. The high resolution makes this laptop appropriate for various purposes such as watching movies, playing games, editing videos, etc.

Microsoft Surface Book Processor and Speed It is always interesting to talk about performance. Therefore, we need to know about the processor used by this hybrid laptop. This 13 inch laptop is powered by Intel Core M family processor. This processor is good enough. In fact, Intel is considered as the best processor compared to other options. So, it can be used for various functions powerfully. Then, this good processor is paired with 2.1 GHz speed so that this 2 in 1 laptop can run multi app comfortably without slowing down. Overall, this processor has an important role in providing the good performance.

Microsoft Surface Book RAM and Hard Drive Talking about the storage, it includes RAM and hard drive. This 2 in1 hybrid laptop comes with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. This RAM is very spacious for a hybrid laptop. It allows you to install various apps and games freely and keeps the performance great. Besides that, it also offers 128 GB of hard drive that allows you to save various files you want such as pictures, videos, films, apps, games, etc. Anyway, this store is very useful.

Microsoft Surface Book Designs At a glance, this laptop is very attractive and looks elegant. It comes with silver chasing with black keyboard. It becomes a perfect combination. The convertible design allows you to rotate the keyboard so that you can transform it from laptop to tablet or vice versa depending on your desire. For the dimensions, it is designed in 10.9” x 16.5” x 1.9”. It weighs 3.5 pounds. Therefore, it is not too weight so that you can bring it easily in your bag. Anyway, the design makes many buyers impressed.

Microsoft Surface Operating System and Battery This 2 in 1 laptop is powered by Microsoft Windows 10. It is the newest operating system so that you should not worry how comfortable it is. With this sophisticated operating system, everything is enjoyable to operate. This laptop also comes with 1 Lithium ion batteries. You do not need to buy it because the battery is included in the box. This lithium battery is considered as one of the best batteries so that it is durable enough and can last for a few hours.

Microsoft Surface Interesting Features enter image description hereThere are so many features applied on this two in one hybrid laptop. I will share some interesting features that most people like. One of them is Intel HD Graphics. This feature is very useful to optimize the display quality and produce high image resolutions. Besides that, this laptop also applies stereo speakers that can produce high quality sound so that you can use it to listen to music or watch movies. Because it offers CD and DVD drive, you can watch movies from CD or DVD, too.

If you want to transfer data, there are some options to use. Firstly, you can use USB because it comes with two USB 3.0 ports type A. It allows you to transfer data with high speed. It also applies Bluetooth interface syncs that can be compatible with other devices such as your android or other laptops. It eases you to transfer data such as music, photos, etc. If you want to transfer photos, you can simply do it through built in media reader. In addition, you can also enjoy Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity that offers high speed.

For you who like capturing photos, this hybrid laptop is appropriate for you. It is because this hybrid laptop is featured with high quality cameras. The first is front camera that comes with 5 MP. The second one is rear camera that offers 8 MP. Both cameras come with dual digital microphones and autofocus. So, it does not only allow you to capture objects but also allows you to video call with other people through this hybrid laptop. So, this laptop will be more enjoyable.

In addition, you can also use Microsoft Office freely because it comes with trial Microsoft Office for 30 days. Anyway, it is very useful for you especially who often use Microsoft Office programs like Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, etc. Actually, there are some other ports applied such as microphone/headphone jack, SurfaceConnector power & dock, and Mini DisplayPort interface. Considering the detailed specs above, it is reasonable that Microsoft Surface Book is considered as the best 2 in 1 laptop. So, this hybrid laptop is recommended so much for you.

The Best 4 Burner Gas Grill in 2017

enter image description here A hobby dealing with cooking or any other related stuff to it really needs such kinds of suitable and proper equipment to create tasty, delicious, and fascinating foods. It is so important to keep someone’s interest in cooking, so it cannot be denied that equipment will really improve one’s mood when he or she is trying to cook any kind of food. One of the most-wanted equipment is burner gas grill. This kind of house ware helps you making some kinds of barbeque. It eases you to cook or grill the food raw perfectly without needing a big effort to make it. That is why if you want to buy a single equipment, you need to know about the best 4 burner natural gas grills. Therefore, you can choose which one fits to your style.

There are some brands provided by some house ware companies and most of them are well-known for their qualities and the low prices. You can also basically purchase them through online services. Nowadays, the companies themselves decide to sell the product through online system. By doing this, it will be easier for you to choose the product even you can consult to the customer service before buying the burner gas grill.

However, the thing you need to note is that about testimonials and guarantee they will give you whenever you purchase their products. There is still a possibility of having an imperfect part of the equipment due to its purchasing through online system. Besides, guarantee will help you once you get several technical problems happening to your house ware. After understanding this part, below are the best 4 burner gas grill brands especially in 2017.

Best 4 Burner Gas Grill Reviews enter image description here The first best 4 burner gas grill is that a product named Broil-Mate 165154. It is popular because of its low price and also its design which typically made in the era of 1960s. It has cast-aluminum and an old-style appearance which make this product hold the heat very well. Also, the burner is available in two U-shaped and it can separate the control knob for both sides. As an addition, this product owned by a Canadian company or manufacturer which provide the buyers’ of five years components guarantee, and two years for the other things. In addition to these benefits, this brand is believed to be sold for about $199. Some online stores also provide this product, so you can easily get it without needing to leave your house.

The second product you may consider is that a brand named Brinkman Burner. This product is really popular due to its big size. With the price of $200 only, you can get the features of the other expensive products which is completely found in this brand. This house ware can hold for about 24 burgers on it. Therefore, it will help you save your time in grilling the food. Besides, many users who have reviewed this product believed that it is really worth the low price. As the conclusion, you may buy this product but be careful you have to know the safety procedure before purchasing.

The third product you may put it on your wish list is that Broil King Baron 440. This product is considered as one of the best 4 burner gas grill products as it is provided in good size, good appearance of four burner, and designed to handle the gas pressure. Many people believe whenever you see this product, it will steal your attention since the first time. This product is totally recommended by some housewives or some people who are interested in barbeque stuff. Indeed, due to its quality and fascinating design, this product costs for about $499.

Those three products above may be one of your references before deciding to choose which one really meets your demands. For further specifications dealing with the heat provided by each product, you may look for it on the internet or go to the local store to ensure that the product is safe whenever it is used in your house. Those brands will provide different heat and feature, and sometimes you need to see whether the products can help you a lot with your hobby when you need to make something for you or the family members. After using the product, you need to know the steps how to clean the grill correctly, so it will always look new and clean.

Tips to Clean Your Grill Product The first thing you need to understand about cleaning a grill product is the part of the grill itself. Make sure you understand each component to ease you know what you should do in the first step. Cleaning heavy equipment after using it, is not a nice and easy thing to do. That is why you need to do the following steps correctly and carefully. First thing first, you need to ensure that the position of all the dials is off. When you feel that it is still warm, you need to turn it off and disconnect from the tank. After it, to remove the grates and metal plates, you need to wear gloves on your hand. When this is done, you have to cover the heating elements with a big foil. The next step is by scrubbing the underside with the grill brush carefully. Use the grill brush as well to clean and scrub the inside part of the components. Wipe it with paper towel after you do the previous step. The next thing is about cleaning the rest of the components. You can use such soft property like grill brush and whisk broom to take care of it. To clean the exterior, it is important for you to use stainless-steel wipes. If you do this regularly after using the product, it is right that your equipment will look like a new one.

Those tips above can be applied whenever you have a barbeque party or something which needs a grill machine. You can try applying these ways to maintain the best 4 burner gas grill product when you already own it. So, in the end, you only need to take care of it, and it will look like a new and can be used continuously for a long time.

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