How To Be A Good Chef


There are so many people that starting to get a job a chef. They choose this kind of job for some reasons. They might think it because it is fun on serving so many foods and making people happy because of the taste on our foods. For me, I fall in love with it because there is strange feeling when I see someone enjoying of my food. There is a true joyful on that I never feel it before. You have to know that I only started to jump out on this job only for a few years, so there are so many things that I might need to learn before I becoming a professional one. The first thing I buy after i was trying to be a chef was an electric smoker which is 2 in 1 model. at that time, I think that making smoking beef would be that easy, but I end up struggling on it because there are many things and skill that we should know in order to get the best taste. To be a good chef, we are not only talking about the food that we made, but also the skill that we have. There are so many great restaurants fall behind because their chef is not competent for something. I would list some skills that we must have that my teacher taught me to be a very good chef.


You are not going to master anything that you just jump out. Is all about trial and error here, I actually having some good skills on cooking, but when I started to be a professional it feels so difference in comparable with cooking at our home. The tension is great and I did know what to do at first. Shortly we would get used on and start to know on how handling everything. Making a mistake is not a bad thing here because that is the way you learn to be a better person, but do not always making mistake because it would be really fatal for a chef.


I guess this not only work on chef, but on the entire of job. When you decided to get any job, you have to show your competence by doing the best as you could. Do not do anything incompetently because that would be terrible for yourself and people around you. You also need to be competence on the taste. You have to keep the taste similar no matter how many times you make it or people would start to complain about it.


No matter what happen on the kitchen, at the end, the most important thing is the taste. Building a great flavor profiles is so important in order to get the people interested to order and get your foods. The taste and profiles should be balance for getting the best look and taste to your foods.


You have to be a walking encyclopedia here because you really need know for every food, staff, and ingredients that needed to make the food. No matter what happen, never ever forget about this rule since everything is depended on how put the appropriate ingredients and method that you are going to put.


The number one rule to make people keep coming around is making the menu looks unique and different to each other. I am 100 % sure people would be really that bored if we keep showing them the same food again and again. People always coming to see some different things every day, It is very similar like a short story or novel where there is an introduction, main chapter, and the end of it. We actually always put a random dish every day to make people coming. You would feel so interested to know what kind of dish that they would get every day.


The last thing would be training. Great dish is not always coming in the single try. There are lots of things to consider until we can decide if it’s good or not for people to taste it. If you are not too confidence with it just keep trying, you will find a good end when you keep trying on it. Never ever let your spirit goes until you could everything that you want.


Those are things that my teacher always reminds me to be a good chef. I really know that there are so many things that I still need to learn. I am really right now because I already started to enjoy it even after I tried it for the first time. I would feel so blessed when I got this job. Yeah, being a truly good chef is not a simple list task where you only need to follow on it. Sometimes we make mistake and that is how we can improve our self.