Being a Legal Residence of the US

People may often think that United States of America is a place of dream, a promised land where they can live happily. That’s why people go to the US, work or even live there. However, moving to the US is not that easy. People need to follow some circumstances that require many documents. They also need to meet many departments to follow the circumstances. People who move to the US or the other country are known as immigrants.

Immigrants or an immigrant is those who is not the citizen of the US. They come to the US and intent to reside or live there permanently. The laws governing immigration of the US state that the foreigners who come to the US and reside there permanently will be a lawful permanent resident or LPR. The LPR has been granted a green card or an immigrant visa. LPR is the same for legal immigrant.

Family-based Immigration People can be the legal immigrant of the US through three immigration types. The first type is family-based immigration. It is a condition when someone marries a U.S citizen. People who have minor children of the citizen of US like stepchildren can also be the legal US citizen because of the family-based immigration. If people become the US citizen parents, they can also be the US citizen for the same immigration. Family is the main sponsor for those who become the US citizen with the family-based immigration.

Employment-based Immigration The next legal immigration type is the employment-based immigration. People become the US citizen with this immigration type through the Labor Certification orcess. People can also be the US citizen with the employment-based immigration with some other methods like. Let’s mention the National Interest Waivers. With those methods, they can get the sponsorship for their admission. Besides the employers, asylees and refugees can also be the legal US citizen. The immigration type is known as Refugees/Asylees. However, we should be able to differ “refugee” and “asylee”.

Immigration for Refugees and Asylees Refugees are those who come from the other country to the US for escaoung persecution in their country. On the other hand, asylees are those who have been in the US and they want to stay longer because of the persecution in their country. Both refugee and asylee must have a good base of race, religion, the origins of politic and nation, and membership in a social group. The US president will determine the limitation of asylees and refugees annually.

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